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Subject:Stupid Bee...
Time:07:38 pm
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Hey everyone,
Life is pretty nice, pretty good, pretty like life should be. EXCEPT... for the stupid directionless bee that ricoshayed off my side mirror today while I was driving down Main South Road. It then hit my head and sat in my hair for a while. I didn't freak or anything but when I went to brush it out, it fell down onto my leg and bloody stung me! Through my jeans! It hurt like hell because its little stinger was stuck through my jeans and into my leg and it took ages to get it out. So yeah, kamikaze bee is now dead, thanks to his need to inflict pain on me. Stupid bee!
On a happier note, the weekend just gone was brilliant! Didn't get home from work until midnight on Friday, but I still managed to get up and on the train by 7:15am to take my little cousins to the Christmas Pageant in the city. It was really nice, and the weather was good and we got a prime possie. 
Once the pageant was over, I went home and took a nap to get ready for Jess B's 22nd at Night Train, which I was REALLY looking forward to! I got up and got ready and took the train into the city. I walked all the way from the station to Light Square in my heels (bit of a mistake) and met B, Darren, Rose, and Michael in front of the place, and B's Mum and Caitlin. Then came Stuart, Adam, Rhiannon, Elise, Richard, Kate, Aly, and Katherine. Out the front was a dominatrix and a couple of guys in leather and face paints directing people in. We went into the front bar area and the dominatrix came up to Darren and made him her puppy, leash and all! 
Then came the tunnel! A skeleton looking guy in a long coat and no pants (Throbbo - he had massive calves too - freaky looking!) and a girl in an army uniform (Private Parts) showed us in and we met Rigor Mortis and Dementia along the way. There was meant to be groping and poking and stuff in the tunnel (that thought scared me) but it turned out to be just jets of air!
We came out and were seated and met our waiter, eVolvo - a guy with a red wig and a green face (or was it a green wig and a red face?). He was pretty cool and really looked after us. Jess and I also reckoned he looked really familiar, we're still not sure why. I still laugh when I remember what Jess said to eVolvo when we were ordering cocktails, she wanted this drink called a "Flick of the Bean" (not a Japanese Slipper like eVolvo suggested) and her exact words were, in a whining complaining voice: "I want a flick of my bean", which of course, especially in the setting we were in, sounded completely seedy and pornographic! But that's Jess!
The first couple of hours were spent with the occasional comedy on stage, which mostly meant completely picking on people in the audience, and the entree and main course (which was yum!). Jess went up on stage with other people celebrating birthdays to get a free shot. She was pretty good at not getting totally embarrassed by the stuff they were saying, I would've been completely red!
Then the show started. It was called "Dracula: Stiff at Last", and yes, considering the fact that the final scene was Dracula as one giant penis, it means exactly what it says. It was really good, and makes me wish I'd seen some of their other shows. 
After the show, they all sang "Time Warp" and people got up on stage and danced. 
We then got to see everyone sans-makeup out in the front bar. Most of them looked as you'd expect, except maybe eVolvo, that's when we realised we must've seen him somewhere before - who knows?!

And that was the end of the night. Such a brilliant place and I would go back in a heartbeat (probably even quicker if it wasn't so expensive!). So a massive THANKS to Jess B for throwing the party of the year! YAY!! Let's go back quick!!

And that wasn't even it, we went out again Monday night (B's actual birthday) to Cha Chi's Mexican Cantina for all-you-can-eat burritos, nachos and tacos! Yum! 
I love spending time with all my friends, they're such an entertaining group of people!

That's all for now!


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[icon] Stupid Bee... - life and strifes...
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